2010 2nd Annual 20/20 Awards Gallery

Andrew Chapman presents Best Adapted Screenplay

Best Actor Presenter Beth Peterson arrives on the red carpet

Best Actor Award presented by Beth Peterson

TomTangney presents the Best Documentary Award

Central Cinema; home of the 2nd Annual 20/20 Awards

David Quinn presents the Best Supporting Actor Award

Etta Lilienthal presents the Best Art Direction Award

The Tallyboard

Emcee Fred Northup, Jr welcomes the crowd

Hummie Mann presents the Best Score Award

Best Song Performer Jessica Aceti arrives on the red carpet

Jessica Aceti performs the Best Song Winner

Emcee Fred Northup, Jr. welcomes Best Director presenter John Jacobsen

John Jacobsen presents the Best Director Award

Kevin Shannon presents the Best Picture Award

20/20 Co-founder Kris Kristensen chats with Best Director presenter John Jacobsen

Presenters Beth Peterson and David Quinn surround 20/20 Co-Founder Kris Kristensen

Malory Graham presents Best Foreign Film Award

Mark Handley presents the Best Actress Award

Best Original Screenplay presenter Mary Elder arrives on the red carpet

Mary Elder presents the Best Original Screenplay Award

Michelle Witten presents the Best Editing Award

Bob Cumbow presents the Best Supporting Actress Award

Chris Mosio presents the Best Cinematography Award