1st Annual 20/20 Awards Photo Gallery

The marque at Central Cinema for the 1st Annual 20/20 Awards.

The Oscars await their fate.

Tighter on Oscars with Blindfold and cigarette. Last wishes.

20/20 President and Co-Founder Kris Kristensen before the guests arrive.

20/20 VIdeo Graphic designer Jason Boekeloo (left) chats with 20/20 Co-Founder Korby Sears.

Best Visual Effects presenter Brian McDonald arrives on the red carpet.

20/20 Co-Founders Kris Kristensen and Korby Sears chat with Best Supporting Actress presenter Sue Corcoran.

Emcee Fred Northup, Jr. welcomes the guests at the 1st Annual 20/20 Awards.

Sean Nelson presents Best Supporting Actor via satellite.

20/20 Co-host Cheryl Serio tosses the first Oscar into the trash.

David Schmader presents the Best Adapted Screenplay Award.

Sue Corcoran presents the Best Supporting Actress Award

Jennifer Zeyl presents Best Costume via Video

Andrew Chapman presents the Best Cinematography Award

Gavin Borchart presents the Best Score Award.

Brian McDonald explains the Visual Effects Award with a trick up his sleeve.

DJ Rizz accepts the Best Song Award via video.

Josh Feit accepts the Best Documentary Award.

Brendan Kiley presents the Best Foreign Film Award.

Mark Handley presents the Best Actress Award.

Lindy West presents the Best Actor Award.

Michael Siewerath presents the Best Director Award.

Tyrone Brown denounces the Best Picture Award

The Oscars got trashed in Year 1.

The final Winners and Losers.