Voting Process

  1. All major categories from the Academy Awards will be included in the 20/20 awards.
  2. Each 20/20 Award Ceremony will revisit the Academy Award ceremony from 20 years prior. For example, 2010’s Year of Re-Examination will be 1989, celebrating the films of the calendar year 1989, honored by the 1990 Academy Awards; 2011’s Year of Re-Examination will be 1990, celebrating the films of the calendar year 1990, honored by the 1991 Academy Awards, etc.
  3. Eligible films – and subsequent work honored with those films – must have been released and seen distribution within the calendar year. Distribution must have occrred on at least one commercial screen.
  4. An initial round of nominations from all members will be solicited. The top 5 nominations in every category will determine the 5 final nominees.
  5. The second round of voting will choose the final winner in each category.
  6. Voting for both nominations and final winners will be done via private ballot.
  7. Film work that won the original Academy Award in the given Year of Re-Examination is still eligible for nomination and win in any given category.