Voting Member Qualifications

  1. The 20/20 Voting Syndicate is comprised of individuals from within the film-making community.
  2. Membership to film industry professionals who qualify is FREE.

To qualify, you must either have one of the following credits in the main title sequence of a feature film released through a third party (Self-distributed films do not qualify)…

  1. Producer,
  2. Director,
  3. Writer,
  4. Actor,
  5. Editor,
  6. Director of Photography,
  7. Composer,
  8. Production Designer / Art Director,
  9. Wardrobe

Or, you must have either 10 years experience, or below the line credits on a minimum of 10 feature films.

If you think you qualify and would like to join the Voting Syndicate, please submit your personal IMDB link and contact information so us here.