The 20/20 Awards uses the advantage of time and perspective to annually re-evaluate the Oscars from 20 years prior. Utilizing the benefit of hindsight, a voting body of film industry professionals from around the world carefully elects either new or previous nominees, and hosts a live awards ceremony, designed to both honor and offer new perspective with fresh commentary on the impact of this body of work on cinema itself, and its influence on our culture.

Every year since 1927, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognizes excellence in the film industry through the Academy Awards®, bestowing honors upon films, directors, actors, screenwriters, and technical artists who created outstanding art in cinema. The awards are given in the spring, honoring those films released in the previous calendar year.

However, as with all annual award ceremonies, the Academy Awards® lack two of history’s most reliable criteria for appraising artistic merit: time and perspective.

By bestowing awards on film-work released merely the year before, errant factors often come into play such as fleeting trends, industry politics, favoritism, marketing campaigns and short term current events that translate little out of context.

Sifting through the list of Academy Award winners over the decades reveals a multitude of films, directors, screenplays, performances, musical scores and other contributions that have not stood well against the cold scrutiny of time. Meanwhile, many neglected films have proved to be far more influential to the medium, continuing to resonate with modern audiences and critics far more than many of the Oscar winning films.

The 20/20 Awards offer a unique alternative to prevailing award shows, emphasizing the test of time as the key criterion by which films and filmmakers should be honored. Looking back twenty years affords voters an insight free from industry insiderism and the contemporary zeitgeist.