20/20 Award Winner Best Editing :: Thelma Schoonmaker

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Thelma-Schoonmaker“The editing of CASINO was almost as wild as the film, itself.  The great improvisations between DeNiro and Pesci are always a joy to edit.  Hard – but the material is so rich, you never mind.  And James Woods’ improvisations were hilarious.   There were so many incredible characters in the film, and Scorsese’s use of real casino personnel gave the film a great feel for Vegas.  The dealer who had to react to Pesci’s scathing remarks was a dream to watch.  He was perfect, although not an actor – but maybe all card dealers are actors in a sense?   Very glad you have honored the film – with many, many thanks.”

— Thelma Schoonmaker, CASINO
7th Annual 20/20 Award Winner Best Editing

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