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The purpose of these posts is to serve as a quick reminder to our voting members, what works from the year in question are worth a second look.

STORY: After her passing, a housewife’s children discover that she gave up the true love of her life with a National Geographic photographer and opted to stay with them and their father.

Best Actress :: Meryl Streep
Yeah, I know… Meryl… she’s a cliche when it comes to nominations, but she really is fantasic in this role. A married woman who has given up on her dreams, and when those dreams come back in to her life in the form of a National Geographic photographer she opts to sacrifice her heart for her family. Every moment of her performance is preoccupied with weighing her options. Because she’s married with children, and lives in a small town, she worries about being seeing with her new photographer boyfriend, and waiting for him to make the first move, because she can not. Despite this, she constantly steers them toward romantic interludes, hoping against everything that he will romance her. Streep plays this like a teenager smitten in love, yet with the weight of a world leader on the brink of nuclear war on her shoulders. She elevates this material above what could easily have been a schmaltzy romance novel.

Best Adapted Screenplay :: Richard LaGravenese
Frankly, I’m surprised that I’m considering this for a nomination, as it could easily have starred Fabio, but there are some beautiful reflection characters and moments that echo earlier scenes in the film.  There’s another character in the town that was recently discovered having an affair and we are shown how she is shunned in public. This way we completely understand Streep’s reluctance to indulge in this affair, because she presumes that she won’t be leaving this town and will have to spent her whole life here with that shame. Likewise, she is a woman who once had dreams, and even used to be a teacher. She believes now that she has nothing to teach anyone, but it is only after her death that is able to teach, and that lesson is to her fully grown children to follow their dreams and be honest with themselves. This all sounds very cheesy as I write this, but let’s be honest… it’s a concept that even the most jaded of us will admit to when we are sitting alone in dark wishing something better would come along and sweep us up in its arms.

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